Members range from individuals who have recently joined the field of Enterprise Development to professionals with years of experience. As a Member of EDCSA (Enterprise Development Council of South Africa), professionals at all stages of their careers are offered the opportunity to:

Further their own knowledge base and professional development through the various platforms and training and development programmes initiated by the EDCSA;

Participate in forums and seminars on key industry issues shaping the Enterprise and Supplier Development sector;

Participate in forums, seminars and presentations from influential private and public sector personalities on topical issues of national and international interest;

Network with fellow professionals from various areas within the sector;

Lobby relevant stakeholders for the benefit of individuals and organisations;

Engage with industry leaders and policy makers.

EDCSA also offers a platform of support via the opportunities to network and engage with like-minded professionals at all levels thus fostering a climate where individuals are inspired, motivated and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Benefits of Being a Member

Opportunities to improve your own and other members’ personal development through participating in the substructures of the Council (organising and facilitating, planning and leading as well as interacting with other like-minded professionals);

Opportunities for professional development through programmes for further education, training and development;

Obtain the benefit of networking with other professionals and experience the power of professional referrals throughout your career.

From the information and knowledge that you obtain through EDCSA activities, become an influential contributor to activities in your work place; and

Assume a role in the transformation of the Enterprise Development sector and contribute towards the realisation of the vision of the Council.


A number of research initiatives are being planned with the intention of creating a body of knowledge useful to its members. Crucial and key is enabling the measuring and impact assessment of ED.


The national office monitors all national legislation affecting the ED industry. Government at all levels prefers to work with organised trade associations on legislation. The combined expertise of EDCSA’s members is regarded as a valuable source of knowledge.

Government Liaison

There will be a concerted effort by both the national office and the provincial regions to establish and maintain working relationships with government at all levels. Government accepts that EDCSA members, being major stakeholders, have a vital role to play in the economic direction of the country.


EDCSA have International Associations with the main aim to demystify ED as a local phenomenon but rather a global activity throughout Africa.

There are various ED equivalents in the respective Africa countries.

Who Should Join?

The EDCSA is an open and transparent organisation that is open to:

  • ED practitioners
  • Development financing institutions – National, Provincial and Municipal
  • ED Consulting companies
  • ED Funds
  • Municipal LED Managers
  • BBBEE Verification Agencies
  • Procurement Professionals
  • SME Development Agencies
  • Corporate Clients embarking on Supplier and Enterprise Development
  • Researchers


The EDCSA encourages networking amongst local members, international visitors and decision-makers in the industry, through local chapters in the nine Provinces of South Africa.

Membership Categories

There are 4 categories of membership, namely:



Up to 1 million

R1 – R10 million

R10 – R50 million

R50 – R100 million

R100 – R500 million

Over R500 million








Membership Slots

1 person membership

2 people membership

3 people membership

6 people membership

8 people membership

10 people membership


For Individual members Comprising of members that are currently working in the industry as professionals. Individuals R1,000.00

Individual members receive 20% discount if their company/company they work for is a member.

Individual Application

Individual Membership Signup Form

Corporate Application

Corporate Application Form